VHS Tape digitalizing Service

Yesterday a neightbor came to me. He asked me a favor. Said his Tape Recorder broke so he could not watch his tapes anymore. He got some with great value to him, like marriage videos and such.

He asked me if I could get a combinated Tape/DVD player, so he could watch his tapes and DVDs on his TV.

I searched the internet and found out that those devices a quite expensive and only available used on EBay or Amazon.

So I thought, what if I could burn his tape videos on a DVDs, so he just needs a DVD Player, which would be much cheaper?

Maybe more People have this Problem. I could get a VHS Recorder and and offer this as a Service. People send me their tapes. I read them into files and burn them on a DVD, or as Download or on a USB and send them back to them.

I could get more VHS Recorders, DVD Burners and Computers if demamd was big enough. Maybe even hire someone and make a company out of it.

Then I searched the internet and found out that this was already existing as service in every mayor city in germany. Damn.

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