This Blog will change Languages

As many of you may have notices, I am not a native english speaker. I decided that this I will continue this Blog in my native language, german.

Why do I change Languages?

I think that it would make it easier for me to express myself in this Blog. It would ease the process of writing new posts. I am pretty good in english but it just feels native to write and talk german.

Many topics I talk about here are local or at least regional. In germany things might work diffrent then in the USA for example, so I think I can be more speciffic and my content simply has more integrity in german.

Why English in the first place?

When I google something, I always do it in english. When you talk english, you can simply talk with more people. In the Internet distance doesnt matter, so you just reach more people when you are surfing english. I thought this would help my Blog, but as it seems, it does the opposite.


Concerning all the above listed, I will switch this Blog to german and all future post will be written in german.

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