Started development of LiF HerbDB

I have been working on my Idea of a LiF HerbDB the last days. Got quite a bit done over the weekend.

Account Management system with logging, signing up/in and password changing already works. Password reset (Forgot Password) is yet to be done. Thinking of also implementing Log in with Steam or Google.

You can create your characters from the diffrent servers on europe and north america. Optionally you can also set the gender and race, even tho it has no effect.

Currently Im working on adding herbs to your characters. Found a nice matrix strategy to not make the form to messy and complicated with 66 herbs selectable on it.

Once that is done, the next thing would be the follow system. Being able to follow someone to see his herbs. Following an Account display all that account characters, following a single character only this one obviously. Decided to do a follow system instead of a friend system where the other user has to accept the request and agree on you seeing his herbs. I mean, why would he disagree?

Another thing to be done is a group system so you can see all your guilds herbalists herbs in one spot. Im not sure yet if you should be able to invite whole accounts to groups or only characters.

Oh yeah and all the little things like a landing page, a stats page and some disclaimers, TOS and all that stuff.

There is still a lot to do, but the foundation is laid.

I will keep you updated. The next post might include some screenshots :).

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