Minecraft Modding

Hey Peps,

I once made a little mod for minecraft. It added clay and obsidian tools. I called it Awesome Tools hehe.

Well, It’s a long time ago and the mod is long outdated but I had much fun doing it. Loved drawing pixel art for the new item textures and adding those so they actually make an item ingame. Doing all the balancing so they are not too good for their materials but still worth to craft.

A few days ago I thought I could update the mod. Ill probably need to rewrite it, need to learn how to mod in minecraft all over again anyways. Usually I dont work with Java.

So yesterday I installed the eclipse IDE again and set everything up. Found that forge got a official walkthrought tutorial now. Gonna check it out and see if I can work with it.

Still got the textures so ill probably start developing next week.

Let’s see what the time brings.

Good Night,


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