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If you know Life is Feudal, and the grind of gathering herbs in it, skip to ‚The Idea‘

There is that game called Life is Feudal.

It’s one of the grindiest games I know. When you are in the Alchemist skill tree in this game, you spent most of your time hacking into the ground with your sickle and gather herbs. With those herbs, you can make your things. One of the most demanded things you can make are Flux, Naphtha and Flavour.

Since everyone needs diffrent combinations for those things. So when you are gathering your herbs, your only need a few of those diffrent herbs you gathered. But you better not throw the ones you dont need away. Because your friend might need exactly those to make Flux or Naphtha

The Idea

A Site, where you would register, add your Characters on the diffrent Realms, and which herbs they need for Flux, Naphtha and Flavour.

You can add your friends, create groups with them and invite guildmates.

You can see what they need for the diffrent effects and keep it for them.

When your mate gathers herbs, he looks on the Site, sees what you need for flux and keeps it for you/gives it to you.

That way you would generate the maximum output from your herbs.

When I think this further, this could even become somd kind of Herb-Ebay.

You can visit to get a basic idea how that could look.

What do you think?

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