Computer broke down

Two days ago the new GTX 1060 I ordered was delivered. I ripped my old one out of my PC and put the new one in.

The mainboard threw me some beep code when I tried to start. I googled, it said memory error.

I had also put two 8Gb RAM chips in that a friend gave me and I had laying around. Thought I could put them in when the new GPU comes.

After some googling I found out that my mainboard only supports up to 4Gb per chip. So I put the old ones back in. It would be nice put have 8Gb more but 4×4 never made any problems.

So I tied to boot my PC again cause I found the Memory error but it wouldn’t do anything anymore. Not even some beeping.

Reset the fuses of the Power Supply. Now my PC would try to start for two seconds as the fans beginn turning and then stop. Or sometimes it only does something as long as you hold the Power Button.

This has become very strange so I got the feeling I destroyed my mainboard in my euphoric thinkering.

Gotta run some more tests this weekend but I guess Im gonna have to order a new mainboard for next week .

That obviously lays all my projects ( the one I got) on ice. And also keeps me from gaming 😕

Will keep you updated when I got my PC fixed

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